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GPSonRoad Tracker Phone

GPS tracker phone that can let you pull its position including street name, area, city, latitude and longitude or a Google Map link of its position by SMS.


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Kolkata Police deploys GPSonRoad for trauma care ambulance monitoring



Nationalised bank deploys GPSonRoad for cash van monitoring



West Bengal Police deploys GPSonRoad for coastal area securities



GPS tracking with minimum investment

Gadgets for security and productivity

Tracking, monitoring and security of mobile assets are of great importance to any organization. GPSonRoad offers complete vehicle and personal tracking solution with a wide choice of vehicle mounted and portable GPS tracking devices with affordable prices. While a basic vehicle tracking unit is available with internal GSM and GPS antenna and takes only few minutes to connect to power and make it operational, we also offer other models that support reporting live running status of auxiliary equipments e.g. AC, generator, pump, motor, crane, excavator, mixer etc. 

Backed by a robust tracking application and high speed communication network, GPSonRoad provides live and historical position information on Google MapTM, Google EarthTM and also as various MIS reports and alerts. Using Google Earth, one can even overlay custom map / scanned paper map of any region to use with GPSonRoad tracking services. Google Earth also supports overlaying of map database from, a public domain map resource.

The AJAX based vehicle monitoring dashboard of GPSonRoad easily distinguishes itself from other GPS tracking platform in the market. The dashboard allows live viewing of all vehicle positions on the same screen with auto refresh of positions. The vehicle icons change colour when the vehicles move. Low end tracking applications show the entire day's movement as one track route making it difficult to review the position or speed of a vehicle at a given time. GPSonRoad overcomes this issue by customer defined idle time that breaks the entire day's movement into trips. The dashboard also shows live running status of auxiliary equipments if supported by the tracking hardware.

GPSonRoad premium module allows extensive reports and email/sms alerts on almost any event one can think of including status / running hours of auxiliary equipments. Users can define geo fenced areas, Points of Interest (POI) and No-go zones simply by right clicking on the map at any zoom level. Alerts are generated on enty/exit of vehicles from any of these defined areas.

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Pocket GPS Navigator with Oziexplorer support

Oziexplorer is one of the world's most popular PC software for creation of maps, way points, routes and tracks. Now get the power of Oziexplorer with GPSonRoad portable GPS navigator with a licensed copy of Oziexplorer CE pre-installed. An ultimate dream gadget for outdoor activities in lesser known areas. Use your own maps, scanned topo sheets or saved satellite imageries for navigation in unknown areas. Coventional GPS devices cost more and support only vector maps that require proprietory software to create.

The portable GPS navigator perfectly suits companies engaged in erection of electricity or mobile towers or in laying of cables or oil pipelines. Also helps police and defence personnel, forest officials, adventure tourists and for mining and exploration activities.

The way points, routes and tracks created in Oziexplorer PC version and in the CE version are inter operable. Use the on-screen Qwerty touch keyboard to name a way point or to enter its description. If there are several maps covering the same area, Oziexplorer automatically chooses and displays the best map with maximum resolution for your current GPS position. Way points created by third party devices or software can also be uploaded and used in the device after format conversion.

The device supports audio and video files play back, photo and text file browsing.





Hand held portable Tracker (no wiring)

Dial the GPS tracker and disconnect after one ring. The tracker immediately sends latitude and longitude over reply SMS. Also supports GPSonRoad web based live and continuous tracking over GPRS using PC or mobile phone.

  • SiRF III GPS chipset
  • Two way conversation with 3 speed dial buttons
  • Built in speaker and microphone
  • SOS panic button and two additional buttons for making phone calls and sending messages
  • LED indicators
  • Voice monitoring (wiretapping)


Weight 75 gms.

GPS vehicle tracker with internal antenna

Smallest vehicle GPS tracker in the world with internal GSM and GPS antenna. Supports web based live and historical tracking. Best suits owners of personal vehicles. Connect to vehicle power supply and it is ready.

  • Extremely light weight, weighs only 45 gms.
  • Internal GSM and GPS antenna
  • LED indicators for power, GSM and GPS
  • Simplest device with very low cost


Weight 45 gms.

GPSonRoad supports tracking on mobile

GPSonRoad mobile site is specially designed for mobile phones with WAP browser. Use a mobile phone to check the location of your vehicles.

Check live positions as well as historical track routes. So, whether you are holidaying or partying, you can keep track on every vehicle of your fleet. Very useful for personal tracking as well.


GPSonRoad tracking and navigation solutions - value for money

Automatic Vehicle Locator  

Vehicle mounted GPS tracker for 24/7 tracking. External GPS and internal GSM antenna. Data connection over GPRS. Supports digital and analogue inputs for monitoring ignition ON/OFF, Door open/locked, AC ON/OFF etc. Also supports digital outputs. SMS can be sent to control engine power supply.


Offline GPS Tracker

Offline GPS Tracker is a small hand held GPS device that displays the Latitude, Longitude, speed, direction on its LCD screen and also records the track routes for later display on Google Map in a PC. No need for a SIM card and no monthly charges. Comes with USB data cable. Sold @ Rs. 4,500/- only.




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