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GPSonRoad Tracker Phone

GPS tracker phone that can let you pull its position including street name, area, city, latitude and longitude or a Google Map link of its position by SMS.



Devices that make these possible


Data Link Solutions offers wide range of communication solutions to clients of varied sizes and needs. Our range of services include:

GIS and GPS solutions  

GPS Tracking Services - Data Link Solutions is one of the pioneers in offering GPS tracking services with portable tracking device. Our system supports use of Google Earth and Google map data.

GPS Navigation system and custom map creation - We offer portable GPS Navigation Devices (PND) with wide choice of maps and navigation software. Our portable navigation devices support use of Oziexplorer CE software for navigation with user created custom map.

Geo coding, POI format coversion and spreadsheet mapping - We at GPSonRoad train on how to cut down the web based GIS data visualization project time from weeks to hours. Tell us what you are looking for or the kind of raw data you have. We will help you in every stage of your GIS project starting from geo coding of the points of interest. Let us know if you want to create a store locator map or populate the map with live data from the stores. Possibilities are limitless.

POI data can be entered from multiple places in an online spreadsheet application e.g. Google Docs and the results can be made immediately available on Google Map or on Google Earth. Our spreadsheet mapping solution can even geo code addresses automatically if latitude and longitude of a location is not available.

IP video solutions 

We offer bridging solutions between analogue CCTV system and internet. Customers can view live video from a stand alone camera or from the DVR output from a remote location over internet without the need for a static IP address or a DDNS service. The solution can be implemented with any broadband internet connection including wireless dongle based internet connections. 

We offer a host of models of IP cameras that support remote viewing without static IP solution. Many models support advanced features e.g. high definition picture, WiFi and pan and tilt options.


Portable GPS Tracker

State of the art GPS receiver that sends GPS data to our server over GPRS.

  • SiRF III GPS chipset
  • Two way conversation
  • Built in speaker and microphone
  • SOS panic button and two additional buttons for making phone calls and sending messages
  • Motion detection
  • LED indicators
  • Voice monitoring (wiretapping)
  • Power saving mode


GPSonRoad supports tracking on mobile

GPSonRoad mobile site is specially designed for mobile phones with WAP browser. Use a mobile phone to check the location of your vehicles.

Check live positions as well as historical track routes. So, whether you are holidaying or partying, you can keep track on every vehicle of your fleet.


GPSonRoad tracking and navigation solutions - value for money

Automatic Vehicle Locator  

GPS vehicle tracker with special car functions. Can be mounted in the car body. External GPS antenna. Can draw power from the car battery. Supports emergency dial out and dial in. Works with GPSonRoad web based remote tracking.


Offline GPS Tracker

Offline GPS Tracker is a small hand held GPS device that displays the Latitude, Longitude, speed, direction on its LCD screen and also records the track routes for later display on Google Map in a PC. No need for a SIM card and no monthly charges. Comes with USB data cable. Sold @ Rs. 4,700/- only.




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